About Us

Diwakar Shri Was born in Haridwar Area of Uttarakhand on 15th January 1975. He has Done M.A in Hindi & Political Science from Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut. There only for a span of 15 Year he worked as a lecturer.

He is doing social work & roamed about 80% of India for the same. In year 2005, He took Ganga Jyoti Darshan Yatra from Haridwar to Amritsar (Panjab) where Shri Darbari Lal Ji, Depti Speaker of Punjab Parliament welcomed him. By Visualising his greatness & social work for the people Akhil Bhartiya Sadbhawna Samiti appointed him as National General Secretary.

All Over India he motivated and praised people to start with a new happening life. He Therefore introduced a new program called as “Save Life Program”. In which he rejuvinated life among people. As a result of which people moved along with him for social work.

Besides being the volunteer of Indian culture he also started with Mantra Shakti Research Work”. By moving ahead on this research work he gave new life to dead ones. He also organized a Prarthana Sabha for ill people where by the grace of Maa Bhuvneshwari all things goes well.

By the Planning of Punshwan Sanskar in the society Pt. Diwakar Shri is helping people to get a child of good & their own wanted Character(Gun).

In Indian culture only Punshwan Sanskaar can provide a child of wanted Character (Gun). We all know the skills to get a child by doing Yagya & Hawan. Ex. Ram , Laxman , Bheem, Dhrupatti all were born by the help of Yagya & Hawan. Todaya also this skill is present in India. Mr. Ravi Kumar of Delhi has gone with this Punshwan Sankaar & he got a great child.

By moving on the footprints of Mantra Shakti Yog & Worshiping God – any kind of shock which can be due to property loss, loss of parents or any depression all can be leaded to a new path.

In Haridwar, Pt. Diwakar Shri wants to develop an International quality of “Old Age Home” where all old age people can get a good & appropriate quality life.